Many respected figures from the world of justice and human rights are enthusiastic supporters of the Free West Papua Campaign.

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The late Benjamin Zephaniah – Poet, writer, lyricist, musician

It is with great sorrow that we record here the death of our much-loved Patron Benjamin Zephaniah.

Benjamin was an encouraging and outspoken supporter of the desire of the West Papuan people for a referendum on independence, to free them, in his words, from ‘the awful injustice’ of occupation.

He was a truly admirable person, who, despite so many well-deserved accolades and honours, never considered himself more important than, or superior to others – a real measure of someone’s character.

Thank you Benjamin from the People of West Papua – you will be remembered by us as our friend.

“West Papuans have suffered 50 years of human rights violations, discrimination and abuse at the hands of Indonesia after it fraudulently took control of West Papua in a staged ‘referendum’ organised by the UN. I hope to continue working closely with the Free West Papua Campaign to ensure the British Government applies and keeps up the pressure on Indonesia and the UN to grant the peoples of West Papua a properly conducted referendum on independence.”

Caroline Lucas – British MP and activist

Photo credit: Dave Stelfox

“The people of West Papua have been struggling for freedom for over fifty years. Don’t allow them to struggle alone: support the Free West Papua Campaign.”

George Monbiot – Writer and Environmentalist

The principles at stake with West Papua are fundamental to civilised life in the modern world. The so-called Act of Free Choice consisted of 1026 people being forced at gunpoint to vote for integration with Suharto’s Indonesia. The West Papuans are a people who have no desire to be ruled by Jakarta.”

Lord Harries – Member of the British House of Lords and former Bishop of Oxford

It’s about a political strategy that brings to worldwide recognition the plight of the people of West Papua, that forces it onto a political agenda, that forces it to the UN, and ultimately allows the people of West Papua to make a choice about the kind of government they want and the kind of society in which they want to live.”

Jeremy Corbyn – British MP and Campaigner for Justice