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My name is Benny Wenda and I am a West Papuan independence leader.

When I was a child my village was bombed by the Indonesian military and many of my family were killed. Later, I began to campaign peacefully to free my country from Indonesian occupation. For this ‘crime’ I was arrested, tortured and threatened with death.

I managed to escape to the UK, where I now live in exile. My people are still suffering. Hundreds of thousands have been killed, raped and tortured. All we want is to live without fear and for West Papua to become a free and independent country.

Please hear my peoples’ cry for help. Please support the Free West Papua Campaign.

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Photos and thanks after Global Flag Raising for West Papua!
Global Flag Raising for West Papua starts today!
3 days to go before the #GlobalFlagRaising for West Papua on 1st December!
New Solomon Islands Prime Minister reiterates his country’s support for West Papua
Journalist tortured by the Indonesian police in West Papua for a Facebook post
West Papuan man tortured to death by the Indonesian military in Merauke
Press Release: West Papuan civilians in danger amid Indonesian military attacks
On behalf of Pacific Leaders, Vanuatu Prime Minister tells the Pope about West Papua
ALERT: Indonesian military and police set to raid West Papuan villages
Interview with Benny Wenda on the West Papuan People’s Petition
16 years on, still no justice after the assassination of Theys Eluay
Join the Global Flag Raising for West Papua. 1st December!
Solomon Islands and Vanuatu rugby league teams show support for West Papua’s freedom!
West Papuan school student dies in prison after being tortured by the Indonesian military and police
Free West Papua support from Aoteaora New Zealand band Katchafire!
200 more Indonesian police sent to West Papua during crackdown
Vanuatu calls on Australia to support West Papua following its election to UN Human Rights Council
Free West Papua protest in Darwin after former Indonesian President given honourary doctorate
Asian Human Rights Commission calls for justice after West Papuan student tortured by the Indonesian police
West Papuan home burnt down by the Indonesian military and police

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Our campaign for self-determination for West Papua depends on you. Below are some of the latest ways you can help. Click the Take Action box for more.

  • Join the Global Flag Raising for West Papua – 1st December! »

    Every year on December 1st, Free West Papua supporters around the world raise the West Papuan flag in solidarity with the people of West Papua. Raise the flag, and help raise awareness for a Free West Papua!

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    Please support the Free West Papua Campaign by making a donation of any amount. All money raised through private donations goes directly to core campaign costs and to support those suffering in West Papua

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    We need to get the voices of the people of West Papua heard around the world. Join in their cry for freedom "Papua Merdeka!".

  • Send this Letter to your MP asking them to support West Papua »

    To help West Papua gain essential support from parliaments and governments all around the world, please do send one of these ready made Template Letters to your local representative (such as an MP/Councillor etc) asking them to support the people of West Papua and their struggle for self-determination).

What’s Happening? »

Indonesian security forces have committed gross human rights abuses against the indigenous Papuans, with over 500,000 civilians killed to date.

"Certainly one of the most horrific genocides of the last 50 years, unbelievably it remains almost ignored by the world. This must cease and West Papua's call for freedom - Papua Medeka - must be heard and supported by all who believe in peace and justice. It's up to all of us."

Matt Black

Matt Black

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West Papua is the western half of the island of New Guinea, just 200 km north of Australia.