Thank You – Yanto is free!

In December of last year we launched the #FreeYanto campaign to secure the release off Yanto Awerkion, a political prisoner held in jail in Indonesia, simply for attending a prayer meeting in his village.

Over 80 people got involved in the #FreeYanto campaign and we raised over £6,000 to fund awareness raising, lawyers and activists calling court officials in Indonesia telling them the eyes of the world were upon them.

The pressure this put on the Indonesian authorities saw Yanto released on the 2nd April.

This is yet another victory in the fight to give the people of West Papua their independence.

We’re setting up a fund to make sure we can react this quickly again. We want to fund more lawyers, fund more awareness raising and fund more activists to exponentially increase the pressure we are able to put on the Indonesia government to free these prisoners and to give the people of West Papua their independence.

You’ve seen the power of what we all can do through Yanto so can you help by giving £10 a month or give whatever you can (enter your amount on the right) to build a war chest to fight this cause?

I’ll give £10 a month to the Free West Papua Campaign

Yanto Awerkion is freed from prison thanks to the help of supporters around the world.

Other ways to donate or help us fundraise

  • If you have a UK bank account, please contact us to set up a standing order, make a bank transfer or send us a cheque
  • Please share the link to this page with friends and family
  • Help to organise a benefit gig or other fund raising events
  • If you know of any private donors or grant organisataions you would like us to contact please get in touch
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Thank you