Take action

All around the world, so many people are Taking Action to help spread the message and raise support for the people of West Papua. We want to make West Papua a household name and get as many people as possible involved in this Campaign for Freedom.

Suffering genocide and the illegal occupation of their country, the people of West Papua desperately need your help and there is so much that everyone can do.

Help to make history and be part of a worldwide movement, Take Action for a Free West Papua!

In the boxes below are a number of actions you can take to help the people of West Papua.


You can help a lot by donating and supporting the Free West Papua Campaign's efforts.We operate with limited resources and face big challenges when it comes to fundraising. Most charitable funds will not support political campaigns and international awareness of the situation in West Papua is very limited as all NGOs and foreign journalists are banned from the country. So, despite the severity of this brutal occupation, we are forced to operate on a shoe-string.

Come to the Rockin’ for West Papua – London Peace Concert!

Show your solidarity for West Papua by coming to the Rockin' for West Papua Peace Concert, an important fundraising gig raising awareness and support for West Papua's freedom through the power of music.

Build political support

Ask your political representative to join the International Parliamentarians for West Papua (IPWP) and call for the UN to recognise West Papua's right to independence.

Spread the word

We need to get the voices of the people of West Papua heard around the world. Join in their cry for freedom "Papua Merdeka!".

Join the AHRC in calling for justice after West Papuan student tortured by the Indonesian police

Join the Asian Human Rights Commission in demanding justice after West Papuan student Yunus Wanaruni was brutally tortured by the Indonesian police.

Get Free West Papua Campaign merchandise

Help to support the cause by spreading the message with Free West Papua T-Shirts, flags and other merchandise; remembering the people of West Papua who are not free to show support for their own freedom.

Hold a Free West Papua benefit gig or other music event

There has been so much awareness and support raised for the cause from people holding Free West Papua benefit gigs and similar music events. You can set up your own benefit gig and let the power of music chant down oppression for a Free West Papua!

Print Free West Papua leaflets and other materials

Help to Take Action for West Papua by downloading a wide variety of Campaign Materials including leaflets, letters and posters. They are high resolution and print/download-ready.

Sign the Avaaz petition calling for journalists to be allowed into West Papua

Sign the new petition released by the global campaigning community Avaaz calling on the Indonesian President to allow foreign journalists into West Papua.

Get on board with Surfers for West Papua

Surfers for West Papua (S4WP) is a movement founded in 2012 and dedicated to raising awareness and support for West Papua's freedom from the Surfing community.

Support West Papuan prisoners

West Papua has become a "prison island". Join our campaign to free political prisoners and find out how you can write to and support those suffering behind bars.

Come to our events

The Free West Papua Campaign regularly holds events all around the world to raise awareness, support and funds for the cause and we encourage everyone available to come to these to and invite others to come also.

What you can do to lobby your MP

Here are 4 things you can lobby your local parliamentarians to do to help free West Papua.

Ask your government to support media freedom in West Papua

Join the international call for media freedom in West Papua. Please request your government to pressure Indonesia to allow access to West Papua for international journalists.

Stop the attacks on the KNPB

Call on the Indonesian authorities to recognise the KNPB as a peaceful organisation with a legitimate right to express their desire for West Papuan independence.

Sign the Petition calling for UN Human Rights inspectors having access to West Papua

Please sign this new petition calling for United Nations Human Rights inspectors to be allowed access to West Papua. Together, we will get the UN to act and find out the truth about the genocide and illegal occupation of West Papua. #FreeWestPapua

Take a look at the guidelines for Free West Papua Supporters and Groups

Check out the guidelines we have written for Free West Papua supporters and solidarity groups around the world, they give important information about the Free West Papua Campaign as well as ideas about how people everywhere can support the cause!


Join a Free West Papua demonstration or host your own to raise awareness and support for West Papua's freedom! Solidarity is Power.

Send this Letter to your MP asking them to support West Papua

To help West Papua gain essential support from parliaments and governments all around the world, please do send one of these ready made Template Letters to your local representative (such as an MP/Councillor etc) asking them to support the people of West Papua and their struggle for self-determination).

Ask your UK MP to join the All Party Parliamentary Group

Call for all UK supporters to contact their MP and ask them to join the All Party Parliamentary Group on West Papua.

Host a West Papua Film Screening

Host a screening of a West Papua documentary-film and help to spread the message, bring supporters together and promote the Free West Papua cause.

Please help us to get Yanto out of jail

Rather than sharing Christmas with his family, West Papuan political prisoner Yanto Awerkion will be spending Christmas day in a prison cell in West Papua – all for signing a petition…. We're doing all we can to help get him out, but we need your support!

Join our global voice in solidarity for West Papua’s full MSG membership

We need our global voices to come together again, in song, in acts of global demonstration, in silent protest, to show our support to West Papua’s full membership to the MSG.Let’s join our voices and spirits and come together in solidarity and love for the United Liberation Movement for West Papua’s application to the MSG.