Around the world, there are demonstrations, rallies and protests are taking place for West Papua’s freedom and the Free West Papua Campaign is proud to organise them; raising the West Papuan people’s voice and the voice of international solidarity louder and louder!

Joining Free West Papua demonstrations

You can Take Action for West Papua by joining Free West Papua demonstrations in your local town or city. Free West Papua events are typically published on our Facebook and Twitter, as well as this website.

We normally coordinate demonstrations around the world on significant days to create Global Days of Action. These are powerful, international days where many Free West Papua demonstrations are held around the world in solidarity with West Papua, creating a lot of public interest, pressure and media attention for West Papua.

Again such days will be publicised beforehand on this website and our social media.

You can find out more about joining Free West Papua events near you by contacting your local Free West Papua Campaign branch or local Free West Papua support group.

Hosting your own Free West Papua demonstration

The Free West Papua Campaign always encourages public demonstrations as a means of public expression and international solidarity with West Papua. Such demonstrations go a long way in helping to build public awareness on West Papua and pressure on the Indonesian government.

If you would like to host your own Free West Papua demonstration, let us know! Contact Us with your plans and we will provide advice publicise your event on our website, Facebook and Twitter and encourage others to come too.

We also recommend getting in contact with your local Free West Papua Campaign branch or local Free West Papua support group to help organise such events together.

Guidelines for demonstrations

For the reputation and integrity of the Free West Papua Campaign, all Free West Papua demonstrations must adhere to the guidelines below to ensure safety and public awareness about West Papua.

  • We are a determinedly peaceful and non-violent campaign and all demonstrations must remain peaceful and law abiding at all times.
  • Demonstrations should be held in suitable places (such as outside Indonesian Embassies) and not harass or intimidate individuals or members of the public.
  • Police permission must be sought before demonstrations take place. This is standard practice in almost all countries and will simply involve a short communication, normally via e-mail with the local police authorities, to give notice of an upcoming demonstration.
  • Demonstrations should adhere to the general Free West Papua Campaign guidelines. They should be welcome and open for anyone to attend and not encourage any form of violence, discrimination or hatred towards anyone, including Indonesians.

    Help the world to hear the voice of the West Papuan people, demonstrate for a Free West Papua!