There have been a number of albums released in recent years in support of the Free West Papua movement. These span from music recorded by West Papuans (including Mambesak and the Lani Singers), through to compilation releases featuring artists supportive of the cause.

Every song contains a human spirit, and thes releases all capture the enduring spirit of freedom and resistance of the people of West Papua.

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Ninalik Ndawi (Freedom Song)

Critically acclaimed debut album from the Lani Singers (the band formed by Benny and Maria Wenda of the Free West Papua Campaign). These songs are steeped in the rich traditions of the Lani tribe of the central highland region of West Papua. They are also reflective of the remarkable journey against all odds that the Wenda’s have made since their escape to exile from Indonesian occupied West Papua.

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Ninalik Arirak (Struggle for Freedom)

Second album from the Lani Singers, featuring new songs of freedom from the Wenda family.

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A compilation CD featuring artists from 17 countries around the world including Madagascar, Brazil, Norway, Malta, Romania and Ireland – all united in their support of the independence struggle in West Papua.

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Sounds Like Freedom 2

The second of fPcN’s series of CDs featuring freedom songs & sounds, from West Papua. Recorded on covert missions to help the tribal peoples of West Papua resist Indonesia’s illegal occupation.

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Rize of the Morning Star vol 1

A compilation in support of the Free West Papua movement, featuring artists including Blue King Brown, John Butler Trio, Airileke, George Telek, O-Shen and Michael Franti.

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Rize of the Morning Star vol 2

Volume 2 of this Free West Papua collaboration, featuring artists including Arnold Ap, Yothu Yindi, Tabura, King Kapisi, Blue King Brown, Soul Jay and Rutsman Spice.

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Airileke (feat. Twin Tribe) – Sorong Samarai

The first release on the politically motivated record label, Rize of the Morning Star. Co-written with exiled West Papuan Independence leader Benny Wenda, this powerful song of unity and resistance was released on 1st December 2016, Independence Day for West Papua, to heighten awareness of an ongoing tragedy of division and oppression just north of Australia.

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Airileke – Weapon of Choice

Airileke’s unique sound melds futuristic ideas and traditional beats that hark back to ancient Melanesian culture. Sample based hip-hop production, fierce log drumming, Papuan chants, atmospheric sound-scapes and samples of West Papua’s Free Papua Movement (OPM) delve into one of the region’s darkest stories—the oppression and illegal occupation of West Papua.

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The Black Sistaz – Biak Meos Karu

The Black Sistaz – Lea, Rosa & Petra Rumwaropen – are three singers with a powerful message, standing strong for a FREE WEST PAPUA! They are the Melbourne based daughters of the late Agust Rumwaropen of the legendary Black Brothers Band of West Papua. Also backing vocalists for Australian Reggae Roots band Blue King Brown.

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West Papua – Spirit of Mambesak

Mambesak was formed in the 1970’s and 80’s by West Papuan artists Arnold Ap and Eddie Mofu. They strove to use music as a medium to convey their basic human right: the freedom of expression. However, their popularity and the conscious pride in being Papuan Mambesak’s music engendered, brought them to the attention of the Indonesian military who accused them of being separatists. They were finally murdered.

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Muo Remé (Dance Of The Cassowary)

Music from the northern coastal region of West Papua, recorded between 1954 and 1961. Released by the Royal Tropical Institute.

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West Papua – Sound of the Morning Star

Compilation release from 2003, combining traditional West Papuan songs and ambience – recorded in the field – with tailor-made, respectful backing by Australia’s top musicians and producers.

We Have Come To Testify

A music/documentary recording and an illustrated book which tells the stories from survivors and witnesses of the 1998 Biak Massacre in West Papua when the Indonesian military killed, tortured, raped and mutilated over 150 West Papuans.

The perpetrators of this violence were never held to account and in 2013 a Citizens Tribunal was held to hear the stories and testimonies from the survivors and witnesses of this horrific event.

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