The following campaign materials are high resolution and print/download-ready. Click on the relevant link to download a PDF. If you would like alterations made to any of these campaign materials to make them more relevant to your country, please send us an email to


15 Years for Raising A Flag
Rio Tinto campaign
BP – ‘Blood of Papua’ campaign

Leaflets and flyers

Free West Papua Campaign leaflet
BP – bleeding West Papua leaflet
Free West Papua rally flyer-Day of Broken Promise (UK 2015)


Draft Letter to Melanesian Parliamentarians 


West Papua for Melanesian Spearhead Group 
Indonesia’s Crimes Against Humanity in West Papua

Free Sebby Sambom & Buchtar Tabuni
Free West Papua logo (high res)
There is no democracy in West Papua
The Paniai Massacre in West Papua
Papua under Indonesian Occupation
PNG Solidarity with West Papua
Indonesia is killing us
Free West Papua! Stop Indonesia’s Secret Genocide
Free West Papua Concert-Los Angeles, USA
Free West Papua rally poster-Day of Broken Promise (UK 2015)
Free Filep Karma (coming soon)
Stop The Genocide in West Papua (coming soon)
Act Now for West Papua (coming soon)


Free West Papua Campaign Calendar of Dates 2015


Morning Star Flag – the flag of West Papua (pdf 28kB) (png 22kB) (jpg 41kB)