The Road to Home (2015)

Feature length documentary about the Nobel Peace Prize nominated West Papua independence leader Benny Wenda.
Filmed over a two year period, it provides an exclusive insight into his tireless struggle to liberate the people of West Papua from Indonesian colonial rule. Available on DVD.

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Forgotten Bird of Paradise (2009)

Filmed undercover in West Papua, this multi-award winning documentary provides a rare and moving insight into the ongoing struggle for freedom being fought by the indigenous people against Indonesian colonial rule. Available on DVD

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Act of No Choice (2019)

Acclaimed Australian filmmaker David Bradbury’s film about the referendum that handed control of West Papua to Indonesia. Hugh Lunn was Reuter’s Indonesian correspondent in 1969. He refused to leave West Papua despite orders from the London Head Office and stayed to report on the UN Act of Free Choice – a referendum which would decide the fate of 800,000 West Papuans. More info

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Punks for West Papua (2016)

An intriguing story of one man’s selfless gesture that inspired a nation. Recommended viewing, not just for fans of punk rock, but for anyone that believes in justice. More info

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Run It Straight (2016)

Set in a rugby league clubrooms, ‘Run It Straight’ tells the story of a Maori community who open their hearts and minds to the story of West Papua.

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Isolated (2013)

This film follows five world class surfers seeking untouched waves and isolation in West Papua. When they find out about the genocide and illegal occupation there, they are determined to Take Action.

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Pride of Warriors (2010)

Four remarkable stories filmed by West Papuans themselves provide a strikingly personal insight into the West Papuan resistance.

West Papua – A Journey to Freedom (2011)

Follows the extraordinary journey of Herman Wainggai, a West Papuan independence leader and former political prisoner, living in exile in Australia.

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Mama Malind su Hilang (Our Land Has Gone)

Documentary movie telling the story of the cry of the Malind Anim tribe. This group of people are dying, while hectares of the forests they have lived in for generations are being destroyed. A multimillion dollar project, known as MIFEE, designed by the Indonesian government in collaboration with multi-national corporations have destroyed much of the forest which is the sole food source for the Malind Anim.

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Strange Birds In Paradise – A West Papuan Story (2010)

While the Indonesian army continues to dominate the indigenous inhabitants of West Papua, three friends gather in Melbourne, Australia to record outlawed folk songs.

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West Papua – The Secret War in Asia (2007)

The film tells the story of the situation of the West Papuan refugees in Papua New Guinea as well as the history of the annexation by Indonesia and exploitation of natural resources. It also includes an interview from Mathias Wenda.

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Papua Merdeka (2002)

Explaining the 40 years of human rights abuses and the determined struggle for freedom of the Papuan people.

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Freedom for West Papua (1999)

Compilation from a number of films with voice commentary by a Papuan activist introducing the struggle for freedom.

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Blood on the Cross (1999)

Film about the hostage taking in 1996 investigating allegations of Red Cross involvement in a massacre of the indigenous people.

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Rebels of the Forgotten World (1991)

Travels with the OPM filmed by Claudio von Planta on a secret mission into the jungles of West Papua.

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Paradise Bombed (2023)

Filmed on the ground in West Papua, ‘Paradise Bombed’ exposes the crimes against humanity being committed by the Indonesian military in the highlands of Kiwirok, Papua, where chemical and other banned weapons have been used against the civilian population.

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Courage is Contagious – TEDx Sydney (2013)

TEDx speech at the Sydney Opera House about Benny Wenda – the face of self-determination and human rights in West Papua. This is the story of him and his people as told by his lawyer and friend, Jennifer Robinson at the Sydney Opera House.

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Benny Wenda – Oslo Freedom Forum (2012)

West Papuan independence leader Benny Wenda gives a keynote speech at the Oslo Freedom Forum where he exposes the ongoing colonial occupation of his homeland by the Indonesian government.

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Investigative TV reports:

Inside Indonesia’s Secret War for West Papua – ABC News (2020)

Just north of Australia a secret war is being fought. West Papuan independence fighters and Indonesian security forces are involved in a protracted and bloody battle over the issue of Papuan independence.

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Selling Out West Papua – Al Jazeera (2020)

This exclusive investigation reveals how Korean-run companies are allegedly engaging in questionable deals as they buy up West Papua’s rainforests to develop palm oil plantations.

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West Papua’s Hidden Fight for Independence – ABC News (2014)

Mark Davis gets rare access to the secretive region of West Papua to find out what’s really happening in the struggle over independence from Indonesia.

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Goodbye Indonesia – Al Jazeera (2013)

In the face of state repression and international indifference West Papuan activists have been locked in a life or death struggle for independence. People & Power finds out what is behind one of the most forgotten conflicts in the world.

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Everything Can Be Burnt (2016)

Radio New Zealand made this special video report in West Papua, interviewing West Papuan people about their suffering lives under Indonesian rule and their hopes and prospects for the future.

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West Papua’s independence struggle – BBC Newsnight (2009)

An exclusive report filmed undercover in occupied West Papua.

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The Biak Massacre – ABC News (1998)

This report shows evidence of the Indonesian military’s murder of civilians in July 1998, who dared to support the Free West Papua movement.

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