Rockin’ for West Papua Peace Concerts held around the world!

October 12, 2017

Following the success of the West Papuan People’s Petition being delivered to the United Nations, this month, the world was once again rocked by the Rockin’ for West Papua Global Peace Concerts!

In a truly historic event, scores of bands, musicians and artists collaborated together in 5 different countries to use their talents to shine a light on the genocide and freedom struggle in occupied West Papua. The concerts raised vital awareness, support and funds for West Papua and proved once again that #MUSICISAWEAPON. 

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Last year, Rockin’ for West Papua, featured over 80 bands playing in 14 concerts and this year there were over 150 bands playing in 27 concerts! This movement is unstoppable and will continue to sound out the beat of freedom around the world until West Papua is free.

“We stand for the arts, we stand for first nations people.
And we stand for West Papua”. – Rockin’ for West Papua motto.

Free West Papua music and the West Papuan flag are outlawed by the Indonesian government in occupied West Papua but Rockin’ For West Papua; organised by the Free West Papua Campaign and the music collaborative Rize Of The Morning Star brought people together from across the world to play Free West Papua music and raise the West Papuan flag!

Concerts held and bands that performed 

Below is a list of the concerts/gigs held and the artists, musicians and bands who performed there.

In Aotearoa New Zealand

Auckland (2 concerts): SJD, Steve Abel, Jocee Tuck, Sean McMahon, DJ English Jake, The Biscuits, The Hollow Grinders, Stefan Neville + Hermione Johnson

Jocee Tuck performing at one of the 2 Rockin’ for West Papua gigs in Auckland, Aotearoa New Zealand.

In Australia

Adelaide: Apteria, Pigasus, Profiteers, Terania, Sloven

Brisbane: New Clear Vision, Charlie Rebel, Kold Creature, Kobrakai, Bitter Lungs

Central Coast: Blade of Horus, Grim Demise, The Grounds, Screaming Eagle, Jake Cassar

Canberra: Space Party, The Rhythm Hunters, Hence the Testbed, The Guitar Cases, The Standard Deviants, Ronny Kareni

Cairns (2 concerts): Ms. V, Kamali, Kaweyova, Koahlition Reggae Band, Justin Wellington , Cameron Cusack, The Taste, also featuring Robert Pyne, MP

Rob Pyne MP, (centre) joined a Rockin’ for West Papua gig in Cairns, Australia and stated: “A free West Papua is what we want. We must stop the murders and oppression. Self determination is a basic human right and those politicians who ‘look the other way’ should be ashamed of themselves”.

Castlemaine: M.C. Madeline Hudson, The Black Orchid Stringband, Corker Orchestra, The Chickpeas, Gooses Bridle, Mc Izzy, Dj Wasabi, Kestral, Brighton Whiteley, Chris Scott and Complimentary Caravan

Darwin: WildWater, Acid City, Ben Evolent, Summit, Cliffton, June Mills

Gold Coast: Wartooth, Odius, Charlie Rebel, Monster Fodder

Wartooth rocking hard for West Papua in Gold Coast, Australia.

Hobart: The Sign, Miss Jones Plays, Tim Davies, Katy Hanson, Ian Paulin, Tim Rozemulder, Roadkill, No Felix, The Raccoons, KashKin

Ipswich: Deadbeat Society, Sol Tradas, Eat City, FriendlyFire, Captain Cake, the Jocks, The Irrits, The Gutter and more

Lismore: Hybridize, Fly Agaric, Monkey & the Fish

Melbourne: One More Weekend, Brett Franke & Temple Of The Tunes, Monsteria, West Papuan Community Band.

Newcastle: Kid On A Leash, Lillye, Time On-Earth, Monkeypig, Sailors Grave, Trashed Again, The Not Nots, The Craw

Perth: The Davs, Kimura, The U-Nites, The Milkmen, Moorditj Brothers, Kings and Queens

Sydney (3 concerts): Demonatrix, Blackbreaks, Once Remained, TotoFu , Dark Horse, Dept.of Gloom, Red Gazelle, GRIM, Dj Platterpush, Mirrah, Sarah Connor, Lc Beats, Zeadala, Lil Cube, Onion Man, Fresh Violet, Nate Weatherall, Mai Pa – Native 612, Kye – Bud Spells, Katherine Vavahea – Godess Queen, Dawn Laird, Listic, Sky’high, Dj Terabyte

TotoFu performing at one of the 3 Rockin’ for West Papua gigs in Sydney, Australia.

Warrnambool: John Hunter Combo, The Low Down Brew, One More Weekend, The Defibrillators

Wollongong (2 concerts): Patrick Lyons & The Band of American Creek, The Numbered, Justin Frew, Renee Steele and the Rudeboys, Swamp n Beats, The Dark Clouds, Eightball Junkies, Night Goat

In South Africa

Cape Town: Black Consciousness Poetry, Biko MC Godobori, Kutandara Mbira Music Group and more

A joint Free West Papua shout out after the Rockin’ for West Papua gig in Cape Town, South Africa.

Gauteng: Adam Distortion, The Psykotix, The Fismits, The Flying Monkeys, The Mean Streets, The Color Blew, After Robot 

In Spain

Viveiro: Bang 74, Chris Masuak & The Viveiro Wave Riders, Bule, Miríada

Bang 74 at the Rockin’ for West Papua gig in Viveiro, Spain.

In the United Kingdom

Zennor: Oscillators, The Resistars, Who Man Flu, Indian Billy, Dave Spenceley

Our thanks

Speaking after Rockin’ for West Papua 2017, West Papuan Independence Leader and Spokesperson for the United Liberation Movement for West Papua, Benny Wenda stated to all artists and everyone who helped the Global Peace Concerts to take place:

“Every song contains a human spirit”. – Benny Wenda, West Papuan Independence Leader.

“On behalf of my people, I convey our full gratitude and thanks everyone who has helped in anyway with the historic peace concerts of Rockin’ for West Papua. You are all helping to make history for West Papua and you will be proud in the future that you stood up for what is right.

“I always tell people that every song contains a human spirit and that Music is a Weapon of peace. In West Papua, Indonesia fights us with guns, grenades and bombs but we fight Indonesia with guitars and ukuleles. Because of your support, music is helping to Rize above tyranny! My people back home are watching and are inspired by and proud of you all. We send all our deepest thanks and encouragement and hope you will all continue to spread the message and Rock for West Papua!”


The Free West Papua Campaign echoes the thanks of Benny Wenda and continues to encourage more and more musicians, bands and other artists to use their skills to support freedom for the people of West Papua. Ash Brennan from Free West Papua Campaign Australia, who coordinated Rockin’ for West Papua has also written a poignant message of thanks to everyone who helped. We would like to thank Ash for his outstanding effort in helping to organise this monumental effort!

If you or anyone you know is a musician or would like to play music for West Papua, please do get involved with the movement! There is set to be an even BIGGER Rockin’ for West Papua next year so please do contact Rockin’ for West Papua via Facebook, Twitter or E-mail.

You can find more info about how musicians and artists can support West Papua’s freedom here. Please also remember to check out the Rize of the Morning Star website as this is the main site of collaborative musicians for West Papua.

Together as one, we will show the world that #MUSICISAWEAPON and we will use it to support a Free West Papua!