Rize of the Morning Star Presents ROCKIN FOR WEST PAPUA

August 26, 2016

The Free West Papua Campaign is happy to announce that the first GLOBAL PEACE CONCERT being held for West Papua is starting NOW!!!

Please go to our Rockin for West Papua Facebook page to follow all updates and events, and get involved!

Since 1963, an estimated 500,000 West Papuans have died at the hands of occupying Indonesia. That’s 25% of the population.While the Indonesian government continues to persecute any West Papuan that calls for freedom, foreign governments do nothing. The situation has been largely ignored by the international community for the last 50 years, because all foreign media and NGOs are banned from entering the country. This creates a problem faced by few other global causes. How can you change anything when very few people are aware of the situation in the first place?

It’s time to make some noise & #MusicIsOurWeapon

ROCKIN for WEST PAPUA October 2016 

In collaboration with Rize of the Morning Star, and the legends behind the award winning Punks for West Papua Documentary,  Rockin for West Papua is a worldwide music collaboration where musicians are performing in cities around Australia, UK and South Africa (so far!) this October to help bring West Papua to a global audience. To get involved, please scroll down for more info.

These legends are performing for PEACE for WEST PAPUA in a city near you soon, so show them your support, and spread the word people!

Friday 30 September – Sydney AUS: Waywards @ Bank Hotel, Newtown featuring Blackbreaks, The MisMade, The Black Turtles, MC Thorn
Saturday 1 October – Newcastle AUS: The Vault featuring Once Remained, Skinpin, Steinbrenner, The Grounds
Saturday 1 October – Edinburgh UK: Henry’s Cellar Bar featuring Rise Kagona, Samba Sene & Diwan Seneglese, Nawakyipo, Mariam El Sadr & more
Friday 7 October – Lismore AUS: Lismore City Hall Studio featuring The Humans Of Lismore, Atomic Monkey Chunks, This Thing Called Progress & Punks For West Papua doco screening
Saturday 8 October – Gold Coast AUS: Currumbin Creek Tavern featuring The Poor, Wartooth, Paging Jimi
Saturday 8 October – Brisbane AUS: Chardons Corner Hotel featuring Kold Creature, Monster Fodder, System Trashed, Kaosphere, Alice Lost Her Way, Locus Give It All
Saturday 8 October – Darwin AUS: The Chippo, 2 stages featuring Clever Monkey, Dave Garnham, Gored Matador, Acid City, Pole Top Rescue, Lungbuster, Ben Evolent, Brother Phoenix, Joy Greer
Saturday 8 October – Gauteng SOUTH AFRICA: Wunderbar @ German Club featuring Slash Dogs, Made For Broadway, Slippery When Wet, Chilean cuisine, Film Screenings
Sunday 9 October – Melbourne AUS: Bendigo Hotel featuring Liquor Snatch, Indigo Rising, Devils Monkey, Mystic Trio, DJ LAPKAT, Long Holiday, Native Rain, New Age, Elf Tranzporter, MC Izzy Brown, West Papuan String Band and dancers
Thursday 13th October- Brighton, UK: The Bees Mouth featuring Faye Houston & Mike Shirley (From the Resonators) & Liz Ikamba
Tuesday 25th October- Bristol, UK:  The Stag & Hands with WOAHNOWS, Nietzsche Trigger Finger, and Toodles & The Hectic Pity.
Saturday 29 October – Perth AUS: Railway Hotel, Fremantle featuring Yob Mob, The U-Nites reggae band plus DJ General Justice & Jah Wisdom Sound System, Potato Stars, Mental Pretzel, Fuzion

***MORE GLOBAL CONCERTS TO BE ANNOUNCED SOON******** and further dates in December & 2017 to be announced. Get in touch if you’d like to be involved.


Whilst West Papuan music, & the Morning Star flag, is outlawed by the Indonesian Military, Rockin’ For West Papua & Rize Of The Morning Star are inviting musicians, artists and anybody who wants to make a stand, to raise the Morning Star and support West Papua by organising gigs, or any social gathering or display of support, record music and to perform with the Morning Star flag. We need to join our voices together and let the world governments know we stand for West Papua & uphold equal rights for all human beings….


What you can do to get involved:

Music has played a key role in spreading the message and building solidarity and support for West Papua, but we need more musicians to add their voice and energy to the movement.

  • Join Rockin for West Papua & Rize of the Morning Star on Facebook & get in touch. Follow all events and help us to spread the word.
  • Start contacting with your favourite artists and invite them to join the “largest global music collaborative for peace” this world will ever see!!! With your help, we can do it.
  • Video messages of support from bands and artists. It should include an intro, message for West Papua and asking people to inform themselves of what is happening in West Papua and to join Rize of the Morning Star and start Rockin for West Papua NOW! (Feel free to go off spec :)  Here’ some examples: John ButlerRaki Ap, & Slashdogs! We can help put it together.
  • Send us the photos! Get your Morning Star flag and raise it high! Take it on stage with you, to a concert and take photos with as many people as possible, especially those in the public eye who can help us raise the awareness of West Papua to their followers. We would love Morning Star flags to be flown on major stages throughout the world.
  • Please hashtag and share the news far and wide.
  • #Musicisourweapon #RizeoftheMorningStar #FreeWestPapua #LetWestPapuaVote

  • *Artists and venues that come aboard will get a free link to watch the award winning Doco ‘Punks for West Papua’ to get you up to date with what’s going on in West Papua.* PLUS the best ones we will upload on to our site with 240,000 followers!

Rize of the Morning Star WOMADelaide 2012“We stand for Peace, Freedom and Self Determination in West Papua. We believe that music can rise above tyranny, we believe that we can fight with music as our weapon, and we believe we can use it to unite, to mobilise and resist oppression”. Ronny Kareni

West Papuans in Paniai guitars music is a weapon

West Papuans in Paniai raise their guitars and fists in the air during a show of support for West Papua’s full membership of the Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG).

Free West Papua concert at the Sydney Opera House, Australia, 2013Free West Papua concert at the Sydney Opera House, Australia, 2013

Please do get in touch with us if you have any questions, ideas and any contacts in the music & arts industry that we can invite to participate. 

Thank you