Happy New Year from West Papuan Independence Leader Benny Wenda

December 31, 2016

Below is a special Christmas and New Year message by the Nobel Peace Prize Nominated West Papuan Independence Leader Benny Wenda , thanking and encouraging everyone for their continued support for West Papua. This message was originally published as part of our full Christmas and New Year message. 

“I would like to also wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We are looking forward to 2017 as being a very good year in making new history towards West Papua’s Independence. It is time for us to end the suffering in West Papua with a united voice through an Internationally Supervised Vote on West Papuan Self-Determination.

“This is the key for 2017. So I send this message to the people of West Papua and people all around the world to unify with One Voice in the struggle for West Papua’s freedom. We look forward to working with you all towards making new history and new successes in the long road to West Papua’s Independence. We must focus on ending the suffering through an Internationally Supervised Vote on Self-Determination. Last year you all contributed so much through your international support. It means everything to my people to see all your love and solidarity with us through all your incredible actions.


West Papuan Independence Leader Benny Wenda

“On behalf of my people I thank you all with all my heart and I encourage you all to keep up this great work and continue to spread the message, use your talents and do everything you can to support West Papua’s self-determination and freedom through peace and love. With your help, my people are certain that one day we will finally be free.”