Governor of Port Moresby dedicates his life to a Free West Papua

January 6, 2014

Powes Parkop (centre) receives his award alongside Benny Wenda and Jennifer Robinson

Powes Parkop (centre) receives his award alongside Benny Wenda and Jennifer Robinson

The Governor of the Capital City (Port Moresby) of Papua New Guinea, Mr Powes Parkop, has announced that he officially dedicated his life for a Free West Papua.

He made the comment at a commemoration evening just before Christmas which commemorated him receiving the John Rumbiak Award for Human Rights for West Papua. The evening was co-hosted by Free West Papua Campaign, Papua New Guinea.

Governor’s comments

Governor Parkop announced that “prior to becoming a national politician he had dedicated his life to advocating Human Rights in PNG and the Melanesia region” but that now he dedicated his life towards a Free West Papua.

“In attaining the award, it is his hope that PNG can break the cycle of silence and fear that has retarded our consciousness for the last 50 years and come out openly to advocate for the rights of the West Papuan people’s right to self-determination.” He said.

Speaking bravely and truthfully about PNG politics, he said “Our current position is an immoral and undignified one.  It must end.  West Papuan men, women and children need us more than ever to stand up and advocate their rights to self-determination,”

A message of thanks from the Free West Papua Campaign

On behalf of the Free West Papua Campaign and the people of West Papua we would like to thank Governor Parkop with all of our hearts for his unending and deep support for his brother and sister Papuans on the other side.

We know that you have always and will always commit your life’s work for a Free New Guinea.

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