Help shine the global spotlight on West Papua’s MEDIA BLACKOUT

On May 3rd 2017 Indonesia are hosting World Press Freedom Day, in Jakarta             There is no #Pressfreedom in #WestPapua

Click on this link to sign up to our thunderclap. It  takes only 2 clicks, and will help West Papua go viral by sending a tweet or post automatically from your account on May 3rd demanding Indonesia allow #Pressfreedom into #WestPapua. It’s really easy.

Only last month Indonesia blacklisted 3 journalists trying to get in to West Papua. There are currently numerous websites being shut down for speaking out about West Papua, and citizen journalists are repeatedly intimidated, arrested and tortured for reporting on the regime. For more information on media access in Indonesia go here:

We are asking all friends to help highlight the hypocrisy of Indonesia hosting this event, and to use it as an opportunity to create global attention for West Papua.

#Pressfreedom #WestPapua #WPFD2018 

On May 1st in 2016, 1,700+ people, including children, were arrested just for peacefully demonstrating against the Indonesian occupation of West Papua, and the date Indonesia first occupied it on May 1st, 1963. The world heard so very little due to the media blackout in West Papua.

Please join our Global Days of Action to help shine a light on West Papua between May 1st & May 3rd

What you can do;

The Free West Papua Campaign will be online sharing news from inside West Papua and from #WPFD2018, with important coverage of any demonstrations taking place. It is paramount we are watching so that our brothers and sisters in West Papua remain safe during this time. We will also share important articles and information to help everyone understand the current, and brutal, situation that West Papuans are facing daily, and the simple things you can do to help.

  1. Join one of our Days of Action near you, or organise your own. LONDON, SYDNEY, More info here. 
  2. Join our thunderclap here for May 3rd World Press Freedom Day. There is NO #PressFreedom in #WestPapua! Help us to make this go viral.
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#Pressfreedom #WestPapua #LetWestPapuaVote #FreeWestPapua

Thank you for standing with West Papua. We believe that with enough international support, we can put an end to this genocide, and help the people of West Papua on their road to freedom.

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Thank you