Release West Papuan political prisoners now!

September 21, 2020

Over 14 West Papuan leaders, including Agus Kossay, Buchtar Tabuni and Bazoka Logo, have finally been released. Many others, however, remain imprisoned.

In Wamena, eight political prisoners are imprisoned for their involvement in the 2019 West Papua Uprising against racism and for self-determination.

The prisoners have suffered torture and harassment at the hands of the Indonesian police. One West Papuan woman, Tersya Iyaba, has been threatened at gunpoint and sentenced to six years in prison on trumped up charges. Another prisoner, Manu Marlon Alua, was tortured into giving a false confession of arson. Most have not been sentenced yet.

Their supporters have been barred from visiting the prisoners in jail.

They need international support and solidarity! The global campaign for other groups of West Papuan political prisoners, such as the Balikpapan 7 and the Jakarta 6, was successful in securing their early release. We can do the same again.

We need our international solidarity networks to please do any of the following:

The eight political prisoners in Wamena are:

1. Tersya Iyaba (female student)

2. Luki Elopere (Student)

3. Manu Marlon Alua

4. Konius Doga

5. Soni Yando

6. Yohanes Bayangge

7. Samuel Kurisi

8. Marius Wenda

Under Indonesian occupation, the victims of racism are charged and sentenced to lengthy prison sentences, whilst the racist perpetrators in the Indonesian State apparatus are left free. Show Indonesia and the international governments that back it that the world will not accept this anymore!