International Academics for West Papua network statement on Nduga violence

December 16, 2018

The International Academics for West Papua network (IAWP) ia a collaborative group of academics concerned about the ongoing human rights abuses in West Papua. The collective includes academics from all countries and all disciplines. Their main purposes are to advocate for the self-determination of West Papuans, and to raise awareness about the ongoing human rights abuses being carried out by Indonesian security forces.

In an expression of concern about the current violence taking place in the Nduga regency of West Papua, the IAWP invites academics around the world to add their signatures to this open letter:


We, members of the International Academics for West Papua network, are concerned about the potential for escalation of the conflict between West Papuans and the Indonesian state, following reports of increased violence in the past few days. We call upon the Indonesian government and its international allies to demonstrate a commitment to human rights and democracy by urgently taking steps to de-escalate the situation and avoid further bloodshed. We support the right of West Papuans to address through diplomatic means and civil resistance the injustice of the 1969 Act of Free Choice, by which they were coercively incorporated into Indonesia. We call upon the international community urgently to take steps to bring about a lasting solution to the political conflict in West Papua to which they have for too long turned a blind eye.


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Academics holding a PhD or equivalent qualification or experience and engaged in research and/or teaching at a Higher Education institute or similar organisation may sign-on the statement by commenting their name here:


 NDUGA document


Please sign and help circulate this statement to your academic colleagues and networks.


For more information about International Academics for West Papua please visit their website:


For more information IAWP can be contacted via email at