Global Peace Concert – Rockin’ for West Papua raises Free West Papua support around the world!

October 28, 2016

This month, the world has been rocked by the Global Peace Concert – Rockin’ for West Papua!


Rockin’ for West Papua in Darwin, Australia. Music is a weapon!

This historic month long event brought musicians and artists together to use their skills and passion in unity for West Papua’s freedom, featuring over 80 bands in 5 different countries!

From Sydney to Los Angeles, from Edinburgh to Brisbane, so much awareness and solidarity has been raised as people were shown the true power of music, learning that #MUSICISAWEAPON.

Free West Papua music and the West Papuan flag are outlawed by the Indonesian government in occupied West Papua but Rockin’ For West Papua, organised by the collaborative Rize Of The Morning Star brought people together from across the world to play Free West Papua music and raise the West Papuan flag!

Below is a list of the gigs performed and the artists who performed there.

In Australia

Brisbane: Kold Creature, Monster Fodder, System Trashed, Kaosphere, Alice Lost Her Way, Locus, Give It All


Rockin’ for West Papua in Brisbane

Darwin: Clever Monkey, Dave Garnham, Gored Matador, Acid City, Pole Top Rescue, Lungbuster, Ben Evolent, Brother Phoenix, Joy Greer

Gold Coast: The Poor, Wartooth, Paging Jimi

Lismore: The Humans Of Lismore, This Thing Called Progress, Atomic Monkey Chunks

Melbourne: Liquor Snatch, Indigo Rising, Mystic Trio, Lapkat, Long Holiday, Native Rain, New Age, Elf Transporter, Erin MC Izzy

Newcastle: Once Remained, Skinpin, Steinbrenner & The Grounds

Perth: Painkillers, Yob Mob with DJ General Justice, U*Nites, Mental Pretzel, Fuzion, N’ The Jah Wisdom Sound System, Dillip & the Davs, Delta Kong

Getting ready to Rock for West Papua in Sydney, Australia

Getting ready to Rock for West Papua in Sydney, Australia

Sydney: Blackbreaks, The Mis-Made, The Black Turtles & MC Thorn

In the Netherlands

The Hague: Def Rhymz, K-liber 4life, Thiago Mereilles, KA-YU, Jaël, Kenny-Artistpage, Sentini, Grunberg, Dj Shaqq, InZain, Rapha Pico, and Pascion

In South Africa

Gauteng: The Slashdogs, Slippery When Wet, Made for Broadway

Rockin for West Papua in Gauteng, South Africa

Rockin for West Papua in Gauteng, South Africa

In the UK

Brighton: Liz Ikamba, Faye Houston and Mike Shirley (of the Resonators)

Bristol: Toodles & the Hectic Pity, Nietzsche Trigger Finger, WOAHNOWS

Edinburgh: The Whippet Beans, Samba Sene & Diwan, Sakofa Beats, Mariam El Sadr, The Bhundu Boys Henry’s Cellar Bar featuring Rise Kagona, and Nawakyipo

In the USA

Los Angeles: Bearwulf


The Whippet Beans performing at Rockin’ for West Papua in Edinburgh, UK

Our thanks

Speaking after the Global Peace Concert, West Papuan Independence Leader and Spokesperson for the United Liberation Movement for West Papua, Benny Wenda stated to all artists and everyone who helped it to take place:


West Papuan Independence Leader Benny Wenda at a Free West Papua gig in London

“The incredible support from all around the world for West Papua’s freedom means so much to my people. The world is waking up to the inspiring message that Music is a Weapon and that it can be used to break down the walls of oppression and brutality. On behalf the people of West Papua I give you all my deepest thanks and encouragement as we all continue to spread the message and Rock for West Papua!”

The Free West Papua Campaign echoes the thanks of Benny Wenda and continues to encourage more and more musicians to use their skills to support freedom for the people of West Papua.

If you or anyone you know is a musician or would like to play music for West Papua, get involved with the movement! You can find more info about how musicians and artists can support West Papua’s freedom here. Please also remember to check out the Rize of the Morning Star website as this is the main site of collaborative musicians for West Papua.

Together as one, we will show that #MUSICISAWEAPON and that we will use it around the world to help to Free West Papua!