Blue King Brown – All Nations – New Single

October 19, 2014

We are delighted to have the exclusive premier of new single and video – ALL NATIONS – from Australia’s premier urban roots and reggae band, Blue King Brown.

All around the world musicians, artists and writers are using their artistic talents to expose the political fraud and brutal genocide that the Indonesian government has committed against the West Papuan people.

Message from Nattali of Blue King Brown

“We’ve chosen to give the exclusive premier of our new video to help draw attention to the ongoing need for dialogue and action in support of self determination and freedom for West Papua… ‘All Nations’ at its core is about people power. Calling out to All People from All Nations to recognize their power and reclaim it, use it, assert it in these times of shifting consciousness, a time of discontent with the current world system and paradigm. People all around are waking up to the reality of current world culture and it’s relentless assault on our environment, our freedoms and our higher intelligence. Dedicated to those who fight daily for justice, they’re the ones inspiring and making real change in our physical and mental reality….” – Nattali

All Nations

With the release of Blue King Brown’s highly anticipated third album BORN FREE on November 7th, 2014, this is the bands second single – All Nations. The film clip was shot in the jungle and streets of Vanuatu and Melbourne. Whilst the song is a global call to non-violent unity, in this video the band chose to draw attention to the struggle of the West Papuan people, and also chose to give us the exclusive premier for the video.

Free West Papua

After 50 years of suffering the world is beginning to hear the voice of our people in West Papua. Since 1969 West Papuan people have tried to tell the world that we have had our right to self determination stolen from us by the Indonesian military. Now there is nothing the Indonesian government can do to stop the truth from being exposed.

BKB_Freewestpapua_BWweb03The message is simple – the people of West Papua want to be free. From the the islands and the sea to the jungle and the mountains, we all want to be free people. The Indonesian government has tried to tell the world that we West Papuans freely and fairly chose to join Indonesia through the Act of Free Choice in 1969. But we reject this, calling it the ‘Act of No Choice’. It was an international fraud, we did not choose to join Indonesia. Only 1,026 West Papuans out of a population of nearly 1 million were forced at gun point by the Indonesian army to vote to join Indonesia. Under international law we are still entitled to a referendum on self determination to international standards. This is all we ask for.

Please spend some time to research the truth of our peoples voices and take action to help us become free people.

One people, one soul, one destiny – Freedom.