West Papua: no-one’s colony

May 23, 2014

PANG_webmastheadThe Pacific Network on Globalization and The Pacific Islands News Association has published an extensive article, outlying the fundamental rights of the West Papuan people and why under UN law, West Papua must be re-enlisted on the UN list of non-self governing territories (for decolonisation).

The UN decolonization meeting is being held this year in Nadi, Fiji from 21st to 23rd May. Already West Papua joining the decolonization list has received a surge of support, especially from within the Pacific. Even UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said that West Papua should be discussed at the Decolonization Committee of the UN General Assembly.

Last year, Valmaine Toki, the Vice Chair on the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues said “there are clear grounds for the General Assembly to support [West Papua’s] reinstatement on the list of Non-Self-Governing Territories.”

Toki listed three compelling reasons. “First, West Papua had satisfied the criteria set down in resolution 1541 (XV). Second, it had featured initially on the list. Third, the right of self-determination is articulated in article 3 of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.” In light of gross human rights situation in West Papua Ms. Toki wrote that “urgency is recommended.” As a result the International Community has a Responsibility to Protect West Papuans by granting political self-determination as a remedy for the Indonesian Government’s failure to govern and adequately protect West Papuans.

The world knows, West Papua is not free within Indonesia and now everywhere people are standing up for the rights of the West Papuan people who have been denied their human rights, including self determination since 1969.

Through international bodies such as the UN decolonisation list, the Melanesian Spearhead Group, the Pacific Islands Forum and ultimately the UN, the way for a free West Papua is slowly being paved

A very big thank you to all Pacific and international brothers and sisters around the world helping to lay down the long road to freedom for West Papua