West Papuan civil servant beaten to death by Indonesian police

September 6, 2013

*Please be aware this news article contains some very graphic photos of the murder*

Another innocent West Papuan man was brutally murdered by the Indonesian police last night in Kali Cement, Nabire, West Papua.

Marten Gobay, a civil servant in the company Intan Jaya was escorted by the Indonesian police last night at 0:55 and was beaten to death so brutally that his brains were smashed out of his head.

His body was found at 3:00 am rushed to the hospital in Nabire where it was far too late to save his life.

We understand that the image below is a very distressing but it is precisely because of incidents such as this that makes it more crucial than ever for the world to know about what is really happening in West Papua.

In the last two months over 60 innocent West Papuan people have already been killed by the Indonesian military and police. This number is only rising whilst the world stands blind.

How can you help?

Please call or text (SMS) the Head of the Indonesian police in West Papua Tito Karnavia: on +62811161777 and demand in English or Indonesian that he immediately cease such blatant cold blooded murders and all human rights atrocities by his police in illegally Indonesian occupied West Papua.

Let him know that the world is watching him and his crimes against humanity and those of his fellow police and military personnel.

We will never give up struggling for the people of West Papua. Every single west Papuan man, woman and child must fully free and safe from such atrocities and safe and this will only happen in a fully free and independent West Papua.

Rest in peace, brother Marten Gobay