Papuan refugees found to suffer from mental trauma due to abuses

August 23, 2013

485463_10153193596330010_2091175689_nA harrowing and highly comprehensive medical survey, conducted by the The Medical Journal of Australia has found that a shocking 88% of all West Papuan refugees surveyed suffered from trauma and mental health issues due to experiences of human rights abuses in West Papua.

Here are some of the most hard hitting and terrible of the results found: Being sick and unable to access health care (40/44), lack of food or water (39/44), personally being sick and unable to access health care (38/44), forced separation from family members (35/44), witnessing the murder of a family member or friend (34/44), lack of shelter (31/44) disappearance of family members (33/44), having one’s house intentionally burnt down by Indonesian militia or police (29/44), physical assault (27/44) experiencing a combat situation (26/44) and torture (21/44).

Only in a Free West Papua when these refugees can return home will such mental scars cease recurring and the wounds in the minds of the West Papuan people can begin to heal.

The Indonesian military is trying all it can to break the West Papuan Spirit but it will never be successful.
The Spirit of West Papuans for freedom both abroad and in the country remains as strong and potent as ever and will do until Merdeka (Independence.)