Mass protest forces release of two political prisoners

August 3, 2013

prison demoLast Monday two West Papuan political prisoners, Edison Kendi and Yan Piet Maniamboy, were released following mass protests calling for their freedom.

The two men had just been given 18 month and 2 year jail sentences for “rebellion” an antiquated law used extensively by the Suharto regime to repress dissent in Indonesia.

Kendi was dragged naked into the court room while Maniamboy remained forcibly detained in his cell, unable to attend his own trial.

When the two men were sentenced, hundreds of Papuans protesting outside raised West Papuan flags, each one of them risking a 15 year jail sentence under Indonesian national law.

After intense negotiations between the men’s lawyers, police in charge of the prison and protest organizer George Ayorbaba, Kendi and Maniamboy were released to a jubilant crowd.

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Despite this great news there are still scores of Papuan political prisoners behind bars. To find out how you can further help the political prisoners of West Papua please visit

With your support, all Papuans shall be free from the chains of Indonesian colonialism.