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Free West Papua Campaign Newsletter Happy New Year from FWPC

As we enter 2017 we want FWPC to be in the best shape possible to continue supporting West Papua’s fight for freedom. To do this, we need reliable funds. We are extending our fundraising appeal to run until we reach the target of 200 new monthly donors. So far 46 people have signed up and many others have shared the appeal. We’re so grateful and we want to keep building on this momentum. If you haven’t already, please read and share the page below and consider whether you could support West Papua by setting up a monthly donation. Thank you!

Monthly Donor Appeal

Do you believe in human rights, freedom and self-determination? Could you be one of 200 people to make a monthly donation to support the people of West Papua? West Papua is the Western half of the Island of New Guinea, bordering Papua New Guinea just 200km north of Australia. West…

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Happy New Year from West Papuan Independence Leader Benny Wenda

Below is a special Christmas and New Year message by the Nobel Peace Prize Nominated West Papuan Independence Leader Benny Wenda , thanking and encouraging everyone for their continued support for West Papua. This message was originally published as part of our full Christmas and New Year message.  “I would

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Media Alert: Over 500 people arrested for calling for West Papua’s full MSG membership and rejecting Indonesia’s invasion

Today 19th December, rallies took place across West Papua to show support for the United Liberation Movement for West Papua at the MSG, as well as rejecting the Indonesian military’s illegal invasion of West Papua exactly 55 years ago on 19th December.

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Photos from the Global Flag Raising for West Papua. 1st December 2016

On 1st December the people of West Papua commemorated their National Day, remembering 1st December 1961 when the West Papuan flag was first raised with the promise of Independence in exactly 9 years time. In West Papua this year, people took to the streets to call for freedom and were in many cases arrested

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