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Free West Papua Campaign Newsletter August 2017

Dear supporter, as we enter the final weeks before our petition is presented to the UN, human rights abuses in West Papua continue to escalate; last week police shot into a crowd, killing one and injuring up to 17 others, including children.

We cannot allow Indonesia to get away with this. We ask you to join with us by signing and sharing the petition as widely as possible and to make a donation in order to help the petition reach its destination. Any amount will support this last stage of the journey.

Sign the global petition for an Internationally Supervised Vote in West Papua

In order to spread the word further the petition is now also being hosted on Care2. The Avaaz petition is still running and all (non-duplicate) signatures will be included. There is no need to sign on both sites. If you can think of anyone you haven’t told about the petition, please do share it with them before it’s too late.

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Up to 17 people, including 6 children, shot by the Indonesian police and security forces in Deiyai, 1 killed

We have received urgent, unconfirmed reports from Deiyai in West Papua that today up to 17 West Papuan people, including 7 children were shot by the Indonesian military and police.  West Papuan man Marius Pigai was announced dead at the scene, 6 people are still being treated in Paniai Hospital in intensive care…

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Join the Global Demonstration on August 15th to Remember the Day of Broken Promise

On 15th August, there will be a Global Demonstration to remember the New York Agreement, known to West Papuans as the “Day of Broken Promise”. On 15th August 1962, West Papua was handed over to Indonesia without any consultation with the Papuan people. This was called the New York Agreement.…

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Could you donate a tenner to help our petition reach the UN? Our courageous team of swimmers have willingly devoted huge amounts of time and energy to train so that they can swim the petition across lake Geneva. Donations will be used to cover costs such as accommodation, campaigning materials, a press conference and a traditional West Papuan ceremony to welcome the swimmers…

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