Pacific activists need your support!

A show-down between the West Papuan liberation movement and the Indonesian government is taking place in the Pacific. The liberation movement has applied for full membership of the Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG) – and Indonesian diplomats are pulling out all the stops to halt them.

Indonesian diplomats are attempting to bully the MSG into rejecting West Papua’s application. But we have something the Indonesian government doesn’t: mass popular support across the Pacific. We need Pacific people power to overcome the backroom pressure of Indonesian officials.

A huge demonstration is being planned to coincide with the MSG summit in Vanuatu. To make it big enough to beat back the Indonesian offensive, activists in Vanuatu have asked for £3,000 for transport, banners, food, a PA system and more. You have a chance to be part of this international counter-offensive in defence of the West Papuan people.