Breaking news: More mass arrests of peaceful protesters in West Papua during demonstration over Pacific Islands Forum

September 8, 2018

Breaking news from Bintuni Bay, West Papua. Reports that colonial Indonesian police have arrested at least 15 more people for supporting Pacific Island leaders to take West Papua to the UN. Saturday 8th September, 2018.
TELUK BINTUNI- The Bintuni community again held a demonstration supporting Vanuatu to push for a Resolution for West Papua in the Pacific Islands Forum and the UN, Saturday (08/09/2018).
The long march with a West Papuan flag began at the Tubi Bridge at 08:00.  Indonesian police officers arrived immediately and dispersed the crowd and seized the West Papuan flag. The crowd then sat on the spot while singing a Christian hymn.
Indonesian Bintuni police chief headed to the location of the action and negotiated with indigenous elders. Negotiations are still ongoing.
The Indonesian military, police and plainclothes “thugs” were in heavy presence carrying around 40 weapons.
The number of people who still demonstrating is believed to be more than 50 people.
Names of those arrested by Indonesian forces.
1. Boy P Kadop,
2. Wiliam Ayorbaba,
3. Alfredo bisay,
4. ndarias ayomi,
5 Eljon Agaki,
6. Alex aronggear,
7. wakil gub wpna wilayah doberay Tuan Makus umpes.,
8. Agus kutumun,
9. Yoke Maîdepa,
10. Victor Makamuke,
11. Aser Paratoi,
12. David Suanburaro,
13. Yeri Fimbay,
14. Kristin Paratoi,
15 Yafet
Story still developing.
West Papua needs international intervention to stop these human rights violations.