New Zealand film raises awareness for West Papua

February 19, 2016

Set in a Rugby league clubroom, Run It Straight is an Aotearoa New Zealand film that tells the story of a community who open their hearts to the people of West Papua and the struggle for freedom.


If you do one thing today, please watch and share this inspirational and moving film, raising so much awareness and support for the Pacific people of occupied West Papua.

“Featuring Māori and Pacific commentators Dr Maria Bargh, Dr Teresia Teaiwa and Dr Pala Molisa, Run It Straight is a mash up of drama, poetry and documentary footage wrapped in a large dose of Māori humour and emotion.”- Maori Television

A massive thank you to all those involved in making this brilliant film! All such support is so very much appreciated and we hope it will continue to inspire other people across Aotearoa New Zeaand and around the world to support West Papua’s freedom!

Keep up the great work Run it Straight! Kia ora!