Sir George Telek composes a new Free West Papua song

August 20, 2015

We are very happy that world famous Papua New Guinean musician, Sir George Telek has composed another song in support of West Papua’s freedom!

Listen to the new freedom song via Soundcloud here:

Sir George Telek is renowned throughout PNG, the Pacific and around the world as a great musician and an avid supporter of a Free West Papua. His well known song “West Papua (Papua Merdeka)” has become like an anthem for the freedom movement.

Now this new song “Free West Papua (One People, One Soul)”, with vocal backing by West Papuan singer Leah Rumwaropen is set to reach people everywhere just like his last freedom song!
This song will be available on Soundcloud for a short time and will then be available as part of Sir George Telek’s new album, “Celebration of a Legend”.

We are always very grateful to Sir George Telek, Leah Rumwaropen, Wantok Musik and everyone who has helped to make this song along with all artists that support West Papua’s freedom.

Music is a powerful tool for us all to spread the message of the West Papuan people’s suffering and struggle for independence and we always encourage people to use music as a way of communicating with the outside world and inspiring others to stand up in support of a Free West Papua.

Music is helping to break down Indonesia’s oppression and rise above the tyranny in West Papua! Freedom for West Papua!