Papuan man seriously beaten by Indonesian Navy Officers

February 17, 2014

WARNING – the following article contains some disturbing images.

This article is an edited account of that appearing at Awas MIFEE.

According to information compiled by, Blasius Sumaghai, the son of the late Abraham Sumaghai who was an Awyu community leader, was beaten by several Navy officers on the 26th January 2014. The beating meant that Blasius was unable to walk for four days. He is still in a fairly serious state of trauma.

The incident reportedly started as Blasius was seated outside a kiosk in Bade Village. Suddenly two Navy officers who were stationed at the Bade Navy outpost showed up. They showed no initial courtesy, just directly started striking the victim on his back and chest using the butts of their rifles

After the beating, the victim was brought to the Navy outpost on a motorbike. On arrival at the outpost, he was beaten over his whole body using rifle butts and hosepipes. He suffered serious injuries.

It is reported that Blasius Sumaghai is not the only person to have suffered violent harassment at the hands of the Navy. Yustinus Akabagaimu, the 27-year-old son of local teacher Xaverius Akabagaimu, has also been beaten up without any clear reason. Yustinus is currently unable to walk as a result of the beating he received.

Majalah Selangkah‘s credible informant has said that that members of the security forces have often carried out beatings of young men in Bade when residents have reported that the men have done something wrong.

“But that’s what the police are for. What is Bade Police station doing? The police are clearly tasked with maintaining law and order. The Navy’s role is to fight wars against other countries. Why should the navy take over the Police’s job right in front of their face? It’s very strange”, said the aforementioned source, sounding surprised.

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Blasius Sumaghai's injuries following his beating by Indonesain Navy Officers

Blasius Sumaghai’s injuries following his beating by Indonesain Navy Officers