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Free West Papua Campaign Newsletter February 2018

Thank you for your ongoing support. This month’s newsletter contains an update on the political prisoner Yanto Awerkion, a call to action for the upcoming meeting of the Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG) and more news from West Papua.

We will be continuing to work to help Free Yanto over the coming month so watch this space for further actions. You can also support our work by setting up a monthly donation.

Papua Merdeka

Call to ACTION: West Papua applies for full MSG membership

New momentum needed for West Papua’s full MSG membership! From 10th to 15th February the Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG) will meet in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea and discuss the United Liberation Movement for West Papua’s application for full membership of the Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG).

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Yanto Awerkion gives message to MSG following another trial adjournment

Yanto Awerkion, one of West Papua’s most prominent political prisoners,has had his trial adjourned 9 times. Free West Papua Campaign supporters have raised money to help hire a team of lawyers and gain international media attention for his trial. From inside prison Yanto has recorded a new video message calling on the MSG to welcome West Papua back as a full MSG member…

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BBC journalists thrown out of West Papua for “upsetting Indonesian soldiers feelings”

On 3rd February 2018, the Indonesian military threw BBC journalist and her film crew from West Papua after covering the ongoing health crisis in the Asmat region of the country. According to ABC News, ‘Authorities said BBC Indonesia bureau chief Rebecca Henschke was escorted out of the province after her social media posts “hurt the feelings of soldiers”…

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Around 100 West Papuan children die from malnutrition and measles, more feared dead

In another shocking tragedy, over the past few months around 100 West Papuan children have died from malnutrition, measles and chickenpox in remote areas of the country. This terrible scourge was believed to have resulted in the deaths of 68 toddlers in the Asmat region where there are only 9 doctors available for over 200 villages…

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