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Free West Papua Campaign Newsletter December 2017

Dear friends,
Firstly we would like to congratulate Benny Wenda on his recent election as Chairperson of the ULMWP. We would like to wish all members of the ULMWP the very best in continuing to lead their people to freedom.
As 2017 draws to a close we would like to thank you all for your incredible support. This year saw a staggering 1.8 million West Papuans risk arrest in order to add their names to the West Papuan People’s Petition. Banned by Indonesia, this historic petition called on the UN to appoint a special representative to investigate human rights abuses and to put West Papua back on the decolonisation committee agenda, ensuring the West Papuan people’s right to self determination is respected via an internationally supervised vote. People from over 185 countries signed in solidarity, and this petition will continue to be the focus of our campaigning for 2018.
This year on December 1st we had the biggest global flag raising event to date – further proof that West Papua is becoming a truly global issue. THANK YOU!
Despite an incredible year of progress, sadly human rights abuses continue to escalate in West Papua. Our critical work continues in 2018, so please continue to keep West Papua in your hearts as we work together to help Free West Papua. Thank you for your incredible support once again,
The Free West Papua Campaign.

Yanto Awerkion remains behind bars for supporting the West Papuan People’s Petition

West Papuan political prisoner Yanto Awerkion was arrested on 30th May 2017, and remains in prison. Please join our #FreeYanto campaign.

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Benny Wenda elected as Chairperson of ULMWP

Benny Wenda has been elected as the Chairperson of The United Liberation Movement for West Papua (ULMWP), and along with the other elected leaders will continue to lead the West Papuan people to freedom. Please visit for more information.

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Photos and thanks after Global Flag Raising for West Papua!

The Free West Papua Campaign would like to thank everyone who attended the historic Global Flag Raising for West Papua on 1st December. This year we received over 250 photos from over 30 countries around the world, making it the biggest global day of action for West Papua so far!

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Benny Wenda on the West Papuan People’s Petition

Please read statement written by West Papuan Independence Leader Benny Wenda. “The West Papuan people’s petition is no hoax: it is the voice of our people – signed by the majority of West Papuans”.

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