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Free West Papua Campaign Newsletter April 2014

Firstly a huge thank you to everyone who took part in the global day of action in support of Papuan political prisoners. We also bring you news of an exciting new exhibition to be held in London in early May and of the fantastic speech by the Prime Minister of Vanuatu at the recent UN Human Rights Council. Please remember to follow us on facebook for regular updates and to visit our website for more ways you can help support the people of West Papua.

Global day of action for Papuan political prisoners

On 2nd April people around the world demonstrated in solidarity with over 70 political prisoners currently being held in West Papua. Demonstrations took place in Jayapura, London, Melbourne, Brisbane, Wellington, Auckland, the Hague and Edinburgh. The demonstrations were a huge success, giving hope to the prisoners, reminding them that they have not been forgotten…

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Exhibition to celebrate the life of Benny Wenda and the people of West Papua

We are very pleased to inform you of an upcoming art exhibition in London which will educate people and celebrate the life of Benny Wenda and the people of West Papua. Espacio gallery is pleased to present “Edge of Ordainary”…

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Two Papuans shot dead and three wounded by Indonesian police

According to the West Papua National Committee (KNPB), on Tuesday 11th March, in Timika, West Papua, two people were shot dead and three more injured by the Indonesian Mobile Police Brigade (BRIMOB)…

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Vanuatu PM speaks out for West Papua at UN again

The Prime Minister of Vanuatu, Moana Carcasses called for international action on West Papua at the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva. Following on from his speech at the UN last September…

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