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Free West Papua Campaign Newsletter August 2014

Last month the people of West Papua gave one of the clearest signals to date of their desire for independence with over 80% of West Papuans boycotting the Indonesian Presidential elections. Unfortunately human rights abuses continue to be commited in West Papua and two French journalists were recently arrested for reporting on the deteriorating situation in the Lanny Jaya region. This has sparked a new international movement for media freedom in West Papua and we are asking you to request that your government add their voice to this call.

Thank you for your continued support.

Take Action: ask your government to support media freedom in West Papua

The New Zealand government recently passed a motion calling for “genuine media freedom in West Papua”. Sadly, on 6th August, two French journalists reporting in West Papua were arrested. These events have sparked a new international call for media freedom in West Papua.

Please support this movement by asking your government to join New Zealand in calling on Indonesia to allow full freedom for journalists to report on the political situation in West Papua…

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Worldwide FWPC protests to refuse New York Agreement

On Friday 15th August, the Free West Papua Campaign held protests all around the world to refuse the so called “New York Agreement”, a deal made on 15th August 1962, giving control of West Papua to Indonesia…

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Victor Yeimo released from prison

The Free West Papua Campaign is very pleased to announce that Victor Yeimo, the Chairman of the West Papua National Committee (KNPB) was finally released from prison after serving more than a year in jail.

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Over 80% of West Papuans boycott the Indonesian elections

On Wednesday 9th July, the people of West Papua held a nation-wide boycott of the Indonesian presidential elections after many pro-independence groups issued statements calling for a mass refusal to vote for any Indonesian government…

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