Over 130 West Papuan people in Nabire arrested, including children. Many tortured.

July 8, 2017

URGENT NEWS – We have received urgent reports from West Papua that between 30th June and 6th July, over 130 West Papuan people were arrested and many of them tortured, by the Indonesian police for peaceful actions. A chronology of events reported follows.

Initial arrests

According to the West Papua National Committee (KNPB), on 30th June West Papuan activist Yanto Waine went missing for 3 days and it emerged that he had been arrested on Mulia Road in Nabire, West Papua. On 4th July West Papuan people peacefully demonstrated for his release and at least 31 of them were then arrested too. The police promised that 3 of the activists would be arrested the next day but only Yanto Waine was released, and this took place on 6th July.

West Papuan people being arrested by the Indonesian police in Nabire. Photo: KNPB.

Mass arrests

After Yanto Waine’s release, around 150 West Papuan people peacefully marched to the Indonesian police station in Nabire to call for the release of the remaining detainees. Simply for this peaceful march, at least 135 people were reportedly arrested, including 79 West Papuan youths and children. The Indonesian police denied that such detentions were official arrests, instead calling it “data collection” and the Indonesian Ambassador to Aotearoa New Zealand Tantowi was quick to claim that “only one” person was arrested and “two other Papuans were detained”. 

It has become evident that following reports and condemnation of the mass arrests of over 8000 West Papuan people last year alone, this year the Indonesian government is trying to do all they can to avoid further international scrutiny, simply by labelling all arrests or detentions of peaceful activists under different terms.

West Papua National Committee (KNPB) activists demonstrating in front of the Indonesian police. Photo: KNPB.

The names of the 135 people believed to have been effectively arrested can be found below. The precise ages of the first 55 people are currently unknown.

1.Yonatan Gobay 
2. Sia Gobay 
3. Lenis Newegalen 
4. Tualiminus Newegalen
5. Matias Newegalen 
6. Teman Kulla 
7. Mamkinus Newegalen 
8. Wepkianus Newegalen
9. Nitiau Newegalen 
10. Rekomi Kamangal 
11. Perpi Newegalen 
12. Idem Kulla 
13. Kristianus Pigay
14. Koar Kobepa 
15. Nelhol Magai 
16. Abimelek Muyapa 
17. San Twp Yukei 
18. Fredy Nawipa
19. Yames Pigai 
20. Sam Degei 
21. Aby Yeimo 
22. Ap Yeimo
23. Yosep Pigai 
24. Mussa Tobay 
25. Jecky Pigai
26. Ena Teno
27. Franz Bunai 
28. Amelia Tatogo
29. Frans Degei
30. Silvester Waine 

31. Meske Tebay 
32. Debora Degei
33. Mikux Kudiai
34. Jegky Gobay
35. Aloo Dogopia

 36. Blandina Gobay 
37. Yotinus Wonda 
38. On Gobay
39. Yonan Pekey 
40. Agus Pigai 
41. Menus Kogoya 
42. Epri Yikwa 
43. Prayus Wakerwa
44. Alex Kogoya
45. Jekon Kogoya 
46. Lamil Kogoya
47. Otniel Yeimo 
48. Yosafat Tatogo 
49. Jeri Alom
50. Army Kiwak 
51. Aten Gobay
52. Seli Tebay 
53. Icepi Kogopa
54. Kaliminus Magai
55. Agus Kallah
56. Andy Yeimo 25 Years old

One of the victims of the Indonesian police torture in the Nabire police station. Photo: KNPB.

The names and ages of the children arrested can be found below:

1. Petu Gobay 24 Years old
2. Samuel Kobepa 23 Years old
3. Yanto Waine 22 Years old
4. Henok Tebay 19 Years old
5. Stepanus Pigai 21 Years old
6. Jengki Gobay 25 Years old
7. Selpianus Woge 19 Years old
8. Paskalis Nakapa 21 Years old
9. Stepanus Bunai 16 Years old
10 Hans Keiya 22 Years old
11. Yanuarius Kudiai 17 Years old
12. Hiskia Pigai 17 Years old
13. Martinus Nawipa 17 Years old
14. Yulianus Pigai 12 Years old
15. Metu Tebay 15 Years old
16. Yeki Pigai 22 Years old
17. Frans Bunai 15 Years old
18. Yotinus Wenda 16 Years old
19. Meinus Kogoya 16 Years old
20. Franus Waker 16 Years old
21. Kantius Mom 16 Years old
22. Fredi Nawipa 15 Years old
23. Sealtiel Gobay 19 Years old
24. Yomu Mom 22 Years old
25. Abnel Gobay 20 Years old
26. Meske Kudiai 20 Years old
27. Takugi Gobay 15 Years old
28. Oni Gobay 21 Years old
29. Yanuarius Pigai 21 Years old
30. Efri Jikwa 21 Years old
31. Mus Waker 20 Years old
32. Ramli Kogoya 18 Years old
33. Mesak Yatipai 17 Years old
34. Yanuarius Degei 20 Years old
35. Yulian Pekey 21 Years old
36. Fransiskus Degei 23 Years old
37. Mikael Kudiai 15 Years old
38. Aloo Nawipa 23 Years old
39. Andisten Bouya 25 Years old
40. Abe Yukei 21 Years old
41. Abimelek Yeimo 21 Years old
42. Jhon Degei 23 Years old
43. Apo Gobay 19 Years old
44. Martinus Goo 17 Years old
45. Lanes Nawegalen 20 Years old
46. Man Nawegalen 20 Years old
47. Jarry Alom 20 Years old
48. Jodi Alom 20 Years old
49. Pius Degei 21 Years old
50. Yambres Anouw 20 Years old
51. Oktovianus Wogee 19 Years old
52. Apola Gobay 16 Years old
53. Selly Tebay 18 Years old
54. Herlina Gobay 15 Years old
55. Belandina Gobay 16 Years old
56. Kristina Yatipai 16 Years old
57. Yulince Gobay 17 Years old
58. Brigita Gobay 14 Years old
59. Geovani Mote 13 Years old
60. Fransiska Yatipai 17 Years old
61. Barnesi Douw 13 Years old
62. Amalia Tebay 17 Years old
63. Arson Kiwak 20 Years old
64. Agus Kulla 19 Years old
65. Kamilinus Newegalen 21 Years old
66. Agus Kayame 23 Years old
67. Icepi Kogopa 17 Years old
68. Herman Kudiai 16 Years old
69. Neptunus Newegalen 21 Years old
70. Aten Agapa 16 Years old
71. Stepanus Yeimo 10 Years old
72. Eldon Pekey 15 Years old
73. Natalis Mote 14 Years old
74. Petrus Gobay 15 Years old
75. Silas Degei 16 Years old
76. Yotam Nawipa 23 Years old
77. Eli Magai 18 Years old
78. Robert Yeimo 16 Years old
79. Lia Tebay 20 Years old


They were told that they were not allowed to shout for freedom while being taken on the police trucks but when the demonstrators continued to do so they were tortured by the police.

According to the West Papua National Committee, people were punched, kicked with boots and beaten with guns, and rattan. It is reported that everyone, was only released on 7th July and that all 79 youths and children had been tortured.

The name of this West Papuan boy is unknown. His father described how he “screamed all night” as he was tortured by the Indonesian police.

One West Papuan activist described how his child was tortured by the Indonesian police: “All night, his weeping made our grief grow. When he was caged in the bars of the invaders, when he was locked up by the executioner, in an isolated space full of torture. The child’s cries did not stop but continued to rage.”

The names and details of some of those known to have been tortured are:

One of the victims of the Indonesian police torture in the Nabire police station. Photo: KNPB.

Herman Kudiai (16 years old) – Beaten on his right arm with rattan and beaten on his head with a gun.

One of the victims of the Indonesian police torture in the Nabire police station. Photo: KNPB.

One of the victims of the Indonesian police torture in the Nabire police station. Photo: KNPB.

Icepi Kogopa (17 years old)- Beaten on his left arm and head with rattan, dragged around, kicked in the leg with boots.

One of the victims of the Indonesian police torture in the Nabire police station. Photo: KNPB.

One of the victims of the Indonesian police torture in the Nabire police station. Photo: KNPB.

One of the victims of the Indonesian police torture in the Nabire police station. Photo: KNPB.

Agus Kayame (23 years old) – Beaten on his right knee with a gun, and his calf with rattan.

Kaliminus Magai – Kicked with boots, beaten on his back with a gun.
Arson Kiwak (20 years old) – Beaten on his shoulders with a beam, kicked in his head and right arm.

One of the victims of the Indonesian police torture in the Nabire police station. Photo: KNPB.

One of the victims of the Indonesian police torture in the Nabire police station. Photo: KNPB.

Neptunus Newegalen (21 years old) – Right hand left bloody and swollen after being beaten with a gun, head beaten with rattan.
Agus Kallah (19 years old) – Kicked and beaten with rattan from his neck to his shoulders with boots and beaten on his left hand with rattan.

Condemnation of the arrests and torture

We fully condemn such unlawful mass arrests and detentions of peaceful West Papuan people, especially children. We also fully condemn the brutal torture of West Papuans who continue to suffer under an illegal Indonesian occupation in which state torture is endemic, widespread and systematic.

We call upon Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and all relevant organisations to join us in condemning such human rights abuses and to call for a full and impartial investigation, demanding justice for the victims and the assurance that such abuses will never happen again.

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