Free West Papua Petition for Self-Determination reaches over 20,000 Signatures

February 19, 2017

We are delighted to announce that the Official Free West Papua Petition has reached over 20,000 Signatures! This Global Petition, calling upon the United Nations Secretary General to calling for an Internationally Supervised Vote on Self-Determination is helping to pivot the world’s attention towards the fundamental right to Self-Determination of the West Papuan people.

Please Sign & Share the Free West Papua Petition here

After receiving tens of thousands more signatures, both online and offline, in August 2017 the Petition will then be taken by a team of 6 young swimmers and literally swum across Lake Geneva and into the hands of the United Nations to help turn the global spotlight to West Papua. For more information about this historic Swim for West Papua, please visit their website.

This Petition is being supported not only by a grassroots network of international campaigners but more important overwhelmingly by the people of West Papua themselves who took to the streets in support of its’ launching on 24th January at the British Parliament. We encourage you all to please to Sign and Share this Global Petition and help to support the people of West Papua who are looking to the world as a beacon for help.
Find out more about how to Take Action for West Papua here.