World renowned Poet Benjamin Zephaniah takes a stand for a Free West Papua Petition

February 18, 2017

We are delighted to share with you all that Internationally renowned Poet and Author Benjamin Zephaniah has become the latest person to take a stand (literally) for the Global Free West Papua Petition!

Internationally renowned poet and longstanding Free West Papua supporter Benjamin Zephaniah supporting the Free West Papua Petition #BackTheSwim #LetWestPapuaVote

Benjamin Zepahaniah is a longstanding supporter of West Papua’s freedom and has consistently spoken out against Indonesia’s brutal oppression of the West Papuan people. In sharing this photo with #BackTheSwim, Benjamin Zephaniah is sharing the meme of Swim for West Papua¬†which in August will literally be swum across Lake Geneva and into the hands of the United Nations.

Benjamin Zephaniah also very kindly shared a poignant and moving message for West Papuan Independence Leader Benny Wenda:

“Benny Wenda represents the endurance, steadfastness, and the tenacity of the people of West Papua. His wife, his family, and those he calls his people would not exists if their destiny were left to the government of Indonesia. The unwavering struggle for self-determination of Benny and his people should remind us all of the strength of the human spirit. Every time I see Benny I tell myself that I must do more. Every time I see him I get angry with my government and all governments that ignore the plight of his people in order to protect their “interests”, and their arms deals. Most of all when I see Benny I see a man of dignity, and I tell myself that when the oppressors are upon me I too must resist, but I must resist with dignity.” – Benjamin Zephaniah

The Free West Papua Campaign and Benny Wenda would like to convey deepest thanks and respect to Benjamin Zephaniah for all his heartfelt and longstanding support for West Papua’s freedom. We are full of gratitude for this brave action and we fully encourage Benjamin Zephaniah and all his inspiring solidarity with West Papua.

We hope that you are all inspired to get involved and Take Action for West Papua too! Please Sign & Share the Free West Papua Petition here to #LetWestPapuaVote for Independence and freedom.